January 10, 2017

Lily Amis Short Stories out NOW!

Love, Friendship, Hope, and Family, these are the core values embraced in “Lily Amis’ Short Stories part 1”. This wonderful collection makes a lovely gift for readers who prefer a strong story than illustrated books. Inspired by true stories and filled with hopeful and positive quotes, this book would be your perfect gift for Valentines’ Day or Friendship Day.

Comprising four stories, “Peanut & Lily”, “Angel of Love & Lily”, “Little Lily”, and “America’s Royal Family”, Lily Amis’ Short Stories – The power of Friendship, Hope, Love and Family is bound to enthrall and inspire a new generation of readers. Available in Print or E-Book, this collection is not one to be missed.

The four illustrated books with beautiful colour and black & white illustrations from Lily Amis herself are also available in Print or E-Book. If you like the stories please show your appreciation, love and kindness by leaving a review.
Many thanks for supporting Lily Amis on her writing journey. Lily xxx

December 30, 2016

Time off!

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR and many thanks for stopping by! May your 2017 be filled with creativity and productivity and less with useless Social media activity! Or as I call it precious life time sucker that leads you to nowhere!
As I said in one of my previous posts Likes & RT are not a currency! Therefore I’m taking time off from blogging and cutting back on Social media, while I’m working on new books and brand new collections.

A reportage I watched recently on German Television confirmed my negative attitude about the nonsense time killer: Social media! Many people and companies buy their followers and Likes to make the false impression that they are very successful in what they’re doing or offering. This is nothing but the modern way of corruption and only the companies who offer this corrupt-service benefit from fame-hungry victims. Also what many users dont realize is that you are giving all these socialmedia platforms extremly valueable informations about yourself that are being used for Marketing Research by major companies with nothing in return for you. This nonsense is also being used in political campaigns.
Speaking of politic as a blogger who posted allot about the Refugee crises and followed the American Election I realize now that writing about these topics is nothing but poison for my soul. Whether I write about it or not nothing is going to change! The richer get richer, the poorer get poorer. The mighty-hungry get mightier. And the innocent victims by destiny are more hope- and helpless than ever.
Looking at images from Aleppo and the unbelievable result of the American Election I decided that I want to enjoy writing. When I post about these horrible topics I only get upset and sad. Despite an average of 10000 blog visitors monthly from all over the world I feel that I have much more to achieve with my writing! I want to spread love and hope and make readers forget their worries for a while.

So for my emotional sake I will focus on my book scripts and only write and publish hopeful stories that make the readers forget the hard reality and their difficulties of Life in our society! I want to inspire and educate my young and adult readers. Journalists and Reporters who report about the misery in our world are having an income. It’s their job! But Bloggers like me who post about these sad topics don’t get anything in return. It is nothing but waste of precious life time and an emotional torture. I won’t allow this negative and toxic world stories to rent space in my head and in my heart anymore. I’m raising my rent and kicking out all the negativity.  

I’m grateful for all my REAL followers and my REAL Likes. But it is time to distance myself. There is a REAL world out there that has so much more to offer than mindless surfing, liking, disliking, following and unfollowing! We all should focus on our personal life’s and the people around us instead of wasting it on the Internet and interacting with people that we don’t know and we probably never will meet in person! Many of them are nothing but shinning pretenders and not real and honest. Don’t believe everything that you read or see! Appreciate your family and friends and don’t take TIME for granted! The time you are wasting now on Internet and the Social media will not return!
Give my words a thought! Nevertheless I hope you enjoy your visit here. There is plenty to discover about different topics. Back in October 2015 I started this blog to mainly promote my books. But the more time went by the more topics I had to share because I have such a wide field of interests in art, music, movies and politic. So I have created Labels to make it easier for you to browse through ALL my posts! Please visit this link here and find the topic of your interest. You can also visit my website!

FYI: All my published books and E-books for young and adult are REDUCED on Smashwords and Amazon. Check out the new prices!

I will be back on this blog to promote my new books "Lily Amis Short Stories", "History Reloaded", "Teddy & Lily", "Monsieur Jac in Love", "Planet nasSima design", "The Colors of Hope" and "Santa City"Stay tuned... All the best & God bless, Lily Amis






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December 11, 2016

My Highlights of 2016

Merry Christmas wishes from us to you & your loved ones!

#myhighlights #thankyou #kindness

2016 is coming to end and I must say it was a productive year as an Author as well as a blogger and designer. I interviewed fascinating and inspiring personalities: Authors, Actors, Musicians and Artists from England, USA and Australia. If you have missed my interviews, don’t worry! The links to each of my inspirational interview partners will stay on the side-bar of my blog.
I have published three books in 2016. The second part of my Children’s book series “Bon Voyage, Monsieur Jac & Lily travel to Europe” was published in September and I even received a Thank you letter from the Chancellor of Germany and from Kensington Palace because Angela Merkel, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are one of my many personalities that Monsieur Jac & Lily meet while they’re discovering the beauty of Europe.

My first Illustrated Fiction Book “America’s Royal Family” was published in October and this time I received a Thank you letter from Prince Harry, because he is one of the celebrities that Lisy meets in America, while she is looking for America’s Royal Family. And no, I will not reveal who America’s Royal Family is. You have to read the book to find out yourself.

And last but not least my Memoir “The Lily Amis Story” which includes the first two parts of my Trilogy “Destination: Freedom” and “Definition of Freedom”. The first part “Destination: Freedom” was nominated twice in 2016 in the Non-Fiction Category, which was amazing. Being nominated along talented and successful Authors from all over the world was a great experience and personal achievement. Thank you for all the votes!

A New Year means new projects and new challenges. I will take some time off from Blogging and focus mainly on writing/finishing my books, while I will also be a part-time Literature Student.

2016 was also a meaningful year for me as an Artist. After years of working, waiting and researching my mum and I finally managed to bring our designs into Life. Thanks to the Artist platform we have created 12 Collections! And we're currently working on many more gorgeous and lovely designs.
We also came up with the idea to support other Independent Artists, Authors & Musicians and will be offering a brand new Service4Indies” in 2017. If you are interested please check out our Website !
I like to use this opportunity to thank a few people that have supported and/or inspired me during in this year:
A huge thank you to the wonderful and inspiring British Author and Blogger Annelisa Christensen for interviewing me this year. It was an honor to have you as one of my inspirational interview partners on my blog as well. I’m going to spoil myself with a copy of #ThePopishMidwife for Christmas and can’t wait to write my review.

A huge thank you to the wonderful and talented American Author and Blogger Bibiana Krall for featuring “America’s Royal Family” on her blog and making me a part of her Indies Spotlight Family. You are an inspiration. Please keep up the good work & remember when you become a best-selling Author worldwide don’t forget me! :-)
A huge thank you to the lovely Australian Author and Blogger Rachel McGrath for editing my books and nominating my memoir Destination: Freedom for the Indies Award at the McGrath House. You are such a wonderful and supportive friend. I can’t wait to meet you soon in real life! My best wishes for you, your beloved family and of course little Angel Isaac.
A huge thank you to the California based artist Michael Alvarez. Thank you for inspiring me with your art. Thanks to you we discovered the Artist platform and were finally able to produce our own collections. Keep up the good work & God bless you and your loved ones.

A huge thank you to the multi-talented Swedish singer, songwriter& actor Carl Lindquist for his kindness. May all your goals and wishes come true. Best of luck with your upcoming Solo-Album! God bless you and your loved ones.

And finally A MASSIVE THANK YOU to ALL my inspirational interview partners. Keep up the good work and may you continue to inspire more people with your love and passion for art, music, movies and literature.

In my entire Life I have never taken anyone for granted. I always say kindness & selfless support is a God given blessing! Either you have it or you don’t! And the older I get the more I’m grateful for honest, respectful, caring and loving people in my life.
Some people are just there for you in their Free time. And others take the effort to make time for you despite their busy schedule! Those are caring people who help or care for others not because they expect a reward, but because it is natural to them to show kindness. It is natural to them to be loving and caring. So thank you to those who made the time to be there for me despite their busy life and work schedule, time difference and distance.

And thanks to all the pretenders. You made me realize once again that money, success and fame does change people. Remember you can fool trustful, naive and genuine people, but you can’t never ever fool God. Money can buy you fame, success and a false image. But money can’t buy you personality, honesty, kindness and humanity! Thanks to fake pretenders I appreciate the RIGHT, NICE and REAL people with a sincere heart even more.

God bless you all. Merry X-Mas and happy New Year!

December 06, 2016

Book Reviews - Authors need your support!

I recently asked you my fellow Authors not to sell yourself short by offering your book titles for FREE! I also asked our readers to respect the hard work we put in our books for months or even years.

When you download a book for FREE or for only 0.99 $, the least you can do as a reader is to write a short review. As I always say being kind and respectful won’t kill you. Don’t be afraid of being kind. Trust me it is a wonderful feeling and you won’t regret it! Try it and you will be surprised! :-)

Each one of us has a busy schedule. We all have our daily responsibilities and priorities but saying THANK YOU is the least we can do in our daily lives. So why not saying THANK YOU to the Author? Especially to Indie Authors who offer their hard work for FREE or only 0.99 $!

Honestly there is no excuse for not writing a review. Not writing a review after reading a book is in my eyes disrespectful and ungrateful. You basically let the Author down instead of encouraging the Author to continue her/his path. Trust me it is extremely hard and challenging to keep on going when you feel you're getting nowhere with your writing. It is a daily struggle. Your Author mind says: Why am I doing this when no one cares? But your Author heart says: Keep on writing. The day will come when readers appreciate your work and you will be rewarded. 

So do you understand now how important it is to write a review? Many readers simply read the book for its own sake, and forget that the Author is a person who's trying to be seen in the world. What readers also don’t realize is that writing reviews can be live changing for Authors, especially for Independent Authors.  Often the only way to be seen in the book world is to have reviews & ratings! Catch 22. You don't get the reviews unless people read the reviews and take a chance on the book!

So my message @Readers, @Reviewers and fellow Authors is:
The next time you download an e-book or buy a print book please remember to say THANK YOU to the Author afterwards. If you don’t have much time at least score the book with stars! But if you have the time please leave a helpful comment for other readers. If you liked the book let the Author know. Your Review is your way of applauding the Author. Constructive criticism is more than accepted and appreciated.

Speaking of criticism if you didn’t like what you read, please don’t attack the book or the Author. You are entitled to have an opinion. But remember that everybody is different with different tastes. Just because you didn’t like the book it doesn’t mean that it was a bad book. Leaving negative reviews or insulting the Author with a one star review makes you look frustrated and unhappy about your own life.

If you are a professional editor or publisher - who was politely asked by the Author to write a review - you know very well how much time and effort an Author invests in his/her baby. So don’t make yourself look like a frustrated human and an unprofessional editor who’s only looking for a platform to express her/his dissatisfaction. If you don’t like a book or find it boring, don’t leave a review at all. Be kind, be professional and most importantly be respectful. Contact the Author privately with your critic, but don’t insult the Authors work publicly with a one-star review.

The reason why I’m mentioning this here is because I recently saw a one-star review for one of my favourite Authors work and I was and still am shocked! I can’t believe how rude some people are. In this case it was a review by a so called “professional and experienced author, editor and reviewer” who in my eyes behaved totally inappropriate, uncooperative, unprofessional and unkind.

What annoys me the most is that Woman should always support each other. But this Lady has clearly and sadly never heard the expression “Girl-Power”! She only made a fool of herself by leaving a one-star review! Why? Because all other readers including myself praise the story, the hard work and the passion of the Author for her amazing book! 

Just recently a female fellow Author send me a message and told me that she was interested in reading my memoir. But she would only buy it and review it if I would buy her memoir and review it as well. Seriously? What is this attitude! I only help you if you help me! This attitude brings us nowhere. I buy and read what I want to read and not what people force me to buy and read just to get reviews for my book. Again being kind and respectful doesn’t kill you. Try it! ;-)

Thank you for your time and please remember to say Thank you to the Author of your current book! Leave a Review on the Website where you purchased your book, but also on Author platforms such as Goodreads and Amazon!
Thank you very much for your kindness & Support. Remember being kind is a God given blessing. When you give Love you get back Love!
Lots of love and my best wishes as always, Lily xxx

December 05, 2016

The unheard voices of Aleppo!

Thanks to brave CNN reporters we get to see the drama and tragedy that is happening in our world day by day. The horrifying images are not documentary movies of History! They are real. Yes, history is repeating itself. The only important difference is that seventy years ago during the Second World War people had no internet, Live-stream and Social media like we have now. Today we’re witnessing all these human crimes LIVE! What we see on TV is not history. It is now, today and in this exact moment.
And while we’re witnessing these tragedies daily, some people actually couldn’t care less. While hopeless families with their innocent children are homeless and desperate for a life in dignity, we hear ridiculous news such as an auction for a "Marilyn Monroe Happy Birthday JFK DRESS” for a shameful amount of 4,8 Million Dollar that could actually safe these people from their misery.

This amount of money could give them a better treatment instead of living a life like unwanted animals. Even animals have a better treatment when they are forced to go to animal shelters. But the war refugees from today are living a life in Hell under inhumane, unacceptable and shameful conditions!

Trust me not even the legendary Marilyn Monroe would be happy about the superficiality of our shameful society! We hear more  ridiculous news like for example about the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg Germany that cost 77 Million Euro. Are you kidding me? 

Shame on all the rich and powerful people who show absolutely no empathy for the unheard voices of the victims in Aleppo. Shame on all the people in power who have absolutely no heart towards war survivors in refugee camps around Europe!

Stay tuned for my voice, because I I’m not going to do nothing about this mess. I’m not blind and deaf. I have been treated like an invisible as a war-refugee for too many years. I 've felt worthless as a human being all my life just because I was a foreigner in a rich European country. I know what these hopeless children and parents are going through and damn it I will be their voice!
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