April 26, 2016

Who wants to join my “Entertain & Educate” Music project?

Ever since I write song lyrics my goal has been producing an Official Soundtrack. A mix of heartbreaking ballades and Up-tempo songs with my lyrics based on my memoir “Destination: Freedom.
My positive results of the UK Songwriting Contest in 2015 motivated me to make the step and reach out to you. I want to make a Soundtrack influenced by the great music of the 80s happen in collaboration with experienced and professional songwriters and composers.
The idea is to put an album together with 10 powerful songs that will be a taste for a possible Family Pop-Musical Production in the future. I have a finished concept for a 90 minutes musical show, from storyboard to costume design themes, choreography ideas to stage & Light design. But all of that is worth nothing without the right music.
So I need your help to make this happen. Since there are so many talented and creative musicians out there, I need to find the right people, with whom I feel connected musically. I can only find this out by giving talented artists the freedom to use my lyrics and see what you have to offer.
So if you have the time, the passion and the creativity to be involved in a music project with the potential to become a stage show, don’t hesitate and show me what you got! And if you share my values and my goals, then you have one more reason to be a part of a meaningful music project.

I want to use music, the universal language as a tool to combine education and entertainment. I not only want to touch peoples heart with my lyrics, but also educate the young generation about important values of Life such as Equality, Human rights, Tolerance, Love, selfless Support, Hope, Honesty, Trust, Family, Friendship and Peace! My lyrics should touch emotionally and wakeup rationally like my memoir. Here is my Official Book Trailer:

This is for sure a GREAT opportunity for Independent Musicians, who live and breathe for music. Are you interested in making a change with eye-opening and touching songs? Are you interested in producing a Wakeup-call Soundtrack? Then don’t hesitate a minute and download two of my song lyrics here
Use  Destination: Freedom” and/or “Remember…Blood is always red” to show me what you got! All titles are published in my songlyric book "Angel of hope - Wings of tenderness" (ISBN-13:978-1512314311, ISBN-10:1512314315)
For the Vocal of the songs I look for an experienced and passionate singer with a musical background like the amazing Ramin Karimloo. Here is my favourite song of him from the musical "Love never dies". This should help you as a Songwriter & composer to get an idea of how I imagine my Angel of Hopes singing.

If you are a singer and believe to be "my Angel of Hope" or you are a Songwriter & Composer and have any further questions, please send me an email and I get back to you asap.

Please ONLY contact me if you’re an experienced songwriter & composer or singer with a musical background and ONLY if you have serious interest and time for producing a complete Soundtrack. If you have experience in crowd funding the better! Many Thanks, Lily Amis

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  1. Interested in this. You have my email! The Indgio Palms!