June 13, 2016

Q&A Interview with Australian Author Rachel McGrath


Each one of us has a story to tell and everyone we meet is fighting a battle we know nothing about. This section “The Q & A Interview with inspiring people” is dedicated to exceptional personalities, who either have something to educate us or to inspire us.

Today I want you to meet Australian Book Author Rachel McGrath of the touching memoir "Finding the Rainbow" and "Eye of the storm". Her intimate memoir through her battle with recurrent miscarriage and her dream of becoming a mother is not only the Winner of “The People’s Book Award 2015”, but also the Winner of “Pinnacle Book Awards 2015”.

Many of Rachel’s readers applauded her for her honesty and openness about a delicate topic. Rachel has experienced unbearable sorrow, but was not afraid of re-live it all again and share it with the world. “Finding The Rainbow” is a story of strength and hope and I’m very delighted that I had the chance to make this “Q&A Interview” now where she has positive and hopeful news to share.

"When you find someone who will look at you with unconditional love, do anything and everything to keep them in your life, for that gift is priceless."
Rachel McGrath
Rachel you and I have many things in common. We both have published memoirs and children’s books. At some point in our Life’s we have decided to write down our feelings as kind of a self-therapy about a taboo topic. Your first published book “Finding the Rainbow” is about your journey trying to conceive and your recurrent miscarriages. Your memoir has even won the “Winner of Peoples book Award 2015”. Do you think you would have ever become an Author, if it wasn’t for this specific battle in your life?
Thank you so much! I did always aspire to become an author, and actually my second book, Mud on your Face, was the first book I wrote. I submitted it to a one or two publishers, but at that point it still needed some work, and I shelved it.  When I wrote Finding the Rainbow, I felt much more passionate about sharing that story, as it was so personal and emotional. It catapulted my enthusiasm to revisit existing books I’d started or finished, and gave me the confidence to publish others. So I certainly know that I wouldn’t be published today without my memoir.
Destiny has challenged us in two completely different ways. But we both have one goal. We share our life story with a wider audience because we want to help others with similar fate and struggle. Do you see yourself as the voice for other women, who share the same desire and want to become a mother?
I like to think that my story resonates with other women who have also faced the challenges I did on their own fertility journey. It was such a lonely experience at times, and writing it for me, was in many ways therapeutic. The book became a connection point, and I’ve made so many friends near and far through my book. I hope that in reading my story, other women feel less isolated on their own journey.
 “Finding the Rainbow” is a beautiful and hopeful book title, despite the difficult topic. As we all know after every storm there is Rainbow. What or who inspired you to choose this book title and book cover?
The title and cover were my idea. I worked with my publisher to get the right picture, as I had a vision of what it would look like. Often on miscarriage forums we talk about aspiring for a rainbow baby. The concept is that the storm leaves damage, and you will never forget that, but the sight of a rainbow means a new tomorrow full of hope. I like to think I remained hopeful throughout all the setbacks I faced, and I was always focusing on how I would reach my rainbow.

Talking about inspiration. Your husband has been a wonderful and supportive partner on this journey. I can imagine that this emotional up and down- experience like yours brings a couple either closer or actually separates them. What is your advice for other couples, who are trying hard to become parents not to give up their Love for each other and their relationship? 
I would say my biggest advice is to love each other no matter what. It is hard, and sometimes you feel that the pain and the grief take over the relationship. We made time for each other, supported each other, and never forgot to be the couple we were. I have seen relationships break over this, and we weren’t prepared to let that happen to us – we made sure we kept the romance alive, whether it was dinners out or weekends away. That was important to both of us.
In your short novella “Eye of the Storm: The Silent Grief of Miscarriage” you write about the most painful experience a woman can make. Your loss and grieve during the early stages of your pregnancy. You tell your story with full transparency, through an incredibly difficult time. Tell me Rachel what keeps you both hopeful after such a tragedy? What keeps you and your husband stay positive and optimistic? What makes you not give up on your dream which is finding the Rainbow?
I won’t lie, it has been difficult at times to see the hope through many of our set-backs and since Finding the Rainbow and Eye of the Storm, there have been many more. However, I had to believe that I would one day become a mother, that it was my destiny, I just had to keep fighting for it.

You have created the website, where you also share Guest Blogs and Real Stories of other woman or couples experiencing infertility and miscarriage to bring awareness, empathy, share experiences and connect people with the same battle. What has been the most touching or inspiring story for you from other woman?
There have been so many it is hard to choose just the one. There is another woman I did connect with who has also written her story: Justine Froelker of Ever Upward. Sadly, her journey meant that she could not have children in the end, and her book is about reconciling with the fact that she will have a child-full life, without children. It’s inspiring!

You not only write your own books, you also offer an “Editing Service” at for Independent Authors. From my own experience working with you has been a pleasure and I recommend your service which is: fast, friendly, perfect and professional. So tell me when and why did you decide to help other Writers?
After my first book, Finding the Rainbow, which was through a publisher, I decided to try self publishing. I made so many mistakes to start with and without the backing of a publisher, I had to be my own marketer, proofer, and public relations representative. Things like getting an illustrated book onto a kindle were much more of a challenge than I expected. There are so many people out there who aspire to write, but don’t know how to get into the game. I’m not looking to make a living out of this side; my aim is purely to help other authors in a way that is cost effective, get their work published.
From my own experience I strongly believe that we can’t force anything in Life. I believe that our destiny is written and the more we want something, ironically the harder it becomes to get it. So my conclusion meanwhile is: “Let it go, don’t lose your faith and hope, and trust in God plans. “ Destiny has brought you and your husband/Soulmate together from two different continents. You came from Australia to United Kingdom. That alone should make you both believe that the impossible is actually possible if it is meant to be. So are you willing to let go and be eventually even open in your future to alternative options for parenting?
Well the brilliant news is that I am now finally pregnant. Its been a long and difficult journey, but we are expecting in August. We were ready to let go, and I’m hoping to finish the sequel to Finding the Rainbow, once my little boy arrives safely. I’m still anxious and with only ten weeks to go, I just want to hold him in my arms! We have been truly blessed, and it took us by surprise in the end, as we honestly thought we were reachig the end of the road. What it has taught me is to never lose your hope and your faith.

Rachel & her little Coco waiting impatiently for the Babies Arrival!
Even though I can pretty much guess what your answer is going to be, I like to ask you this question anyway. Imagine if I was an Angel and would ask you right now and right here, what is your biggest dream, desire, goal or wish. What would it be?
My only wish is that our little baby boy is born healthy and happy. Both my husband and I have agreed that we won’t try for a second, we have been blessed with one child and we are thankful every day for that miracle. We will give that little boy the love and life he deserves and never forget how lucky we are.
Ever since I work on my last book of my trilogy “Definition of Love”, I ask my inspirational interview partners these two questions. I know that you have found your soulmate, which is probably the most precious and priceless gift in Life. So I wonder what is your definition of Love in three words? What is your definition of Love in one sentence? 
My defiition of LOVE in three words is – Unconditional Trust & Support (kind of three words) :-)
In one sentence:  When you find someone who will look at you with unconditional love, do anything and everything to keep them in your life, for that gift is priceless.

Rachel thank you so much for answering my questions. Your news is exciting and truly a miracle! I’m honestly over the moon for you and your husband. I wish you both and your little Angel the best of luck. I pray for a future filled with love, happiness and joy. May sun and the Rainbow always shine over you and your family. God bless you all.

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