January 24, 2017

Authors Support Authors

„Our Books Are Not Free“, a Facebook Event in February 2017 organized by Author Rose Montague inspired me to set up the  Group “Authors Support Authors”. An international group of talented, passionate and devoted Authors from all kind of Genres, that reader should discover and follow.  

Don’t miss out on GREAT books and be a part of your next favorite Authors journey. We appreciate your downloads & reviews. Remember Reviews are your way of applauding and appreciating Authors, who entertain, educate and inspire you with Fiction and Non-fiction stories. The more Reviews we get the happier and more encouraged we are. Reviews give us Authors the energy and motivation to continue our work despite all the obstacles and setbacks.

The list of great books by amazing Multi-Genre Authors will be updated regularly on this blog and featured on our FACEBOOK LIKE PAGE. The books are divided in TWO Genre Groups and will be listed on the right sidebar of this blog

Enjoy your discovery! Lily Amis :-)
In Alphabetical order:
Lucinda E Clark, Rick Amitin, Theresa Jacobs and more to come...

In Alphabetical order:
Anna J Stewart, Carol Ann Kauffman, Cindy J Smith, Cynthia L. Schneider, David Kummer, Deidre Mapzone, Devorah Fox, Jeanette (Jenny) O'Hagan, Joey Paul, Julie F. Holland, Miranda Brock,Tom Fallwell and more to come...



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